Adam Harvey

Adam Harvey, one of Australia's most accomplished country music performers, reaches a new pinnacle of achievement, by winning at the 2012 Country Music Awards, affectionately known as the Golden Guitars.


With a career that spans 10 years, 3 Gold albums, total sales upwards of 300,000 albums and 8 Golden Guitar Awards; including 2 for Album of The Year and 2 more for Male Vocalist of The Year, Harvey is already at the forefront of Australia's most acclaimed country music entertainers and has the runs on the board to show for it.


Falling Into Place was produced by Rod McCormack and is Adam's 7th studio album. It reached #1 on the Country Music Charts and a Top 10 debut on the ARIA album charts. It has spawned several hit songs including the CMAA nominated Single & Music Video Of The Year 'You Don't Know My Love' and nominated APRA Song Of The Year 'Falling Into Place'. Both singles reached #1 on the CMC Country charts, and his duet with Beccy Cole 'A Good Woman Can', also nominated for Best Vocal Collaboration Of The Year. The album brings to life the friends, family and people who share Adam's idyllic life around Bateau Bay on the NSW Central Coast. Adam has shown that home is an inspiring place for his heart by using its sanctuary and surroundings to write and record the new album, with longtime producer Rod McCormack at the helm.



Falling Into Place is Harvey's most personal album. He sings about the things that have genuine meaning in his life; his wife and family, the mates he drinks with at the local pub, the characters he's met and his love of fishing. "I think people will recognise the characters I sing about and relate to them amongst their own friends and relatives,'' he says.

Adam invited Beccy Cole and Troy Cassar-Daley, two Australian country music artists that he admires the most, to co-write songs and contribute vocals on tracks on the album. Both are Adam's close friends and regular touring partners and therefore the inspiration came easily. His frequent songwriting partners Colin Buchanan and Rod McCormack also contributed.


"I wrote the title track Falling Into Place with Troy. It's the story of when I was offered a record deal provided I moved from Melbourne to Sydney (or closer to it!). I was studying horticulture and had doubts about tossing in a regular wage to chase a music career but my wife Kathy bought me a little plaque that said: 'As long as we're together the rest will just fall into place'. It's one of my favourite songs on the album."

Cassar-Daley has a similar sense of satisfaction about the song; "I really wanted to relate this song to both our lives", he says. "It's about a bloke's fear of failure starting out on a career of any sort and the girl who holds it all together while he's out there paying his dues".


This song holds pride of place as the motivating force behind the feel of the album, the rest came naturally.

Bordertown is Adam's own experience of a modern day dilemma of reconciling working away from home with romance. "I wrote this with Bucko and Rod. It's from my truck driving days when love was young and I couldn't wait to get home to see Miss Kathy".


Hooked is self-explanatory if you know how much Adam loves fishing. "Even if I don't catch anything it's good for the soul and gives me time to think. As the chorus says: "bad day fishing beats a great day working"!

Beccy Cole's contribution with Adam includes the humour of A Good Woman Can, a song about men and woman and the way men perceive females. "It goes over really well at our live shows and I think it's a winner".


Adam says One More Beer with its sing-along chorus is an audience participation hit at his concerts and he's been waiting for years to get a chance to record it.

"Troy and I wrote The Hair Of The Dog in about an hour. It tells the story we've all experienced of waking up after a big night and wondering what the hell made you do that to yourself. Troy sings on the track and it's got a good Buck Owens feel about it". "It was a song that came together quickly" says Troy Cassar-Daley. "I wrote some of it on a plane boarding pass and finished it with Adam at his place. It's lots of laughs".


Everything I Own Has Got A Dent? "It's got a great feel about a hopeless guy who's heartbroken and treats his possessions with the same carelessness he treated his girl", Adam says.

Built to Last is about an old workmate in Victoria who drilled into Adam the need to get tasks done competently and who would not tolerate shoddy work. He was always saying things like 'you've got to do a job right' and 'back in my day we used to build things to last!' Rod and I came up with an Alan Jackson style song."


The Bay Hotel "it's a typical night out at our local pub. A great bunch of characters, add nice cold beer and you have the recipe for a big night out. Some of the boys even came to the recording studio and sang on the track with me.''

The album also features three revivals, each given a unique re-interpretation by Adam's warm rendition.

You Don't Know My Love was a Conway Twitty song. "I thought it could stand up as strongly today as it did 30 years ago. Once a great song always a great song", Adam says. "It is the first single from the album."

Dig Two Graves was originally recorded by Randy Travis, who is one of the best Country singers ever and this song has been a favourite for years. For me it's a love song from a bloke's point of view. I relate to this song because it's exactly how I feel about my wife".


"The last track is called Closing Time and I think it's a perfect ending to any album. Lyle Lovett wrote and recorded the original version. It sums up perfectly that feeling when the show's over, the crowds are leaving and you're packing up in an empty room with just the sounds of empty bottles going in the bin, or cleaners working".

Falling Into Place reaches the challengingly high standards Adam Harvey has set himself since arriving on the country music scene as a songwriter and performer a decade ago. This album has been welcomed by his army of fans around Australia and internationally as further testament that he just keeps getting better.


Adam continues his gruelling touring schedule into 2012 with the Falling Into Place tour, with upcoming performances across the country.