500 Ukuleles

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To celebrate your great support for our ukuleles we have constructed the 500th with a Bunya body!

500 Ukuleles

We have celebrated something of a landmark at Maton recently with the completion of our 500th Maton Concert Ukulele! Not bad going considering we started making these in late September 2011.


To mark the occasion we decided to try something different, something we’ve been wondering about for a while….
What would a ukulele made from Bunya sound like? That’s right, Bunya face, back and sides!


So we tried it, using the same specifications we use for Blackwood and the result is incredible! A really loud uke with a full, round tone and full response all the way up the neck.


This is a great ukulele and Bunya is here to stay as a model option, either full Bunya or on the face with Blackwood back and sides (we tried that too and it’s equally impressive!).


So, the next question is…..what will we do for the 1000th uke?
Any suggestions?


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Maton Staff Profiles                

Luke Heanley -Kneale


I have worked at Maton  Six Years,


I have worked in the areas of body Prep, body build, assembly, ukuleles.


My job entails Building Ukuleles from scratch……. Bend the sides, make the faces and backs, prep and fret the fingerboards, shape the necks then put all those pieces together to make a full ukulele.


First Band I saw live was Blink-182 at Rod Laver Arena when I was fifteen, a little embarrassing.My First Guitar was an Aria……. I’ve never seen or heard of one since.Matons I own include an EBG808 Performer.. which has 21st birthday messages all over the back.


I listen to lots of Motown, Beatles, Black Keys, Oasis and John Mayer.


Musician I would most like to be. Some sort of cross between Noel Gallagher, John Mayer and John Butler.


My Favorite Maton is The Performer, always, But the Bunya Ukulele at the moment.



Maton Staff Profiles


Cassy Paull

I have worked at Maton two and a half Years and loving it.


I have worked In the face and back, body prep, miniland and ukuleles and occasionally helping Andy Allen out with the  custom shop guitars, only final sand at the moment though.

My job entails I was one of the first two people to make ukuleles, which I absolutely love. We get to build the entire uke from start to finish! I also help out in the areas I mentioned before when the guys need a hand. It’s great because it gives my job variety and keeps it interesting.


First Band I saw live was Kisschasey at the Corner Hotel when I was underage. I count Mammal at the Ruby Lounge as my first real gig, just after I turned 18.


My First Guitar was a blue Valancia acoustic nylon six string.


Matons I own include a Ukulele that I made for myself. So excited to learn and play it all the time.

My favorite bands are Trivium, Blink-182, Angela Airwaves, Korn, Finch,HIM, Hawthorne Heights, Parkway Drive, Misfits, In Flames, Killswitch engage. Limp Bizkit, Offspring, Story of the year, Rihanna, Venga Boys, Aqua and many more


I played guitar in the High School Rock Band


Musician I would most like to be. Too many to choose from, but Matt Heavy, Corey Beaulieu, Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus would be up there.

My Favorite Maton is a. My Very own concert Ukulele, but my favorite guitar would have to be the Aussie, the EA80C, I like Blackwood the best.



Reader Comments

Comments Total: 3

Comment Posted by Graeme Riddell

September 07, 2012

I teach uke at a local community centre in Montrose,I fell in love with ukes about 3 years ago, I own 2 Matom guitars ,one is a 60th anniversary Model. I have visited your factory and some of my guests that i brought along, have since brought top range Matons .. One uke i have is made from Aussie blackwood from Cairns ,sent to Portugal and then sold around the world. I use it to record with a condensor microphone it sounds great, recently i have purchased ANUENUE Tennor which with a acoustic amp gives the volume i need to play live and still sound like a uke , however i played a Maton uke while i was in Cairns, love the sound ,but would love to have the AP5, acoustic sound that i get with my guitars , so is it possible to fit it to the uke, and get that rich acoustic uke sound…..

Comment Posted by Ross

June 28, 2012

I think Satin Box would work awesomely for a uke.  All tonewoods add something unique.  Rock maple on a tenor would be nice.  Queensland Maple…why not use all woods?  I may buy a Bunya uke by year’s end! (I do like Bunya).

Comment Posted by Edwin

June 25, 2012

AAA grade fiddleback blackwood, tenor sized?


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