Cairns Ukulele Festival Winner

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Recently we gave you guys the chance to win a Maton Ukulele by sending in a photo of yourself playing a ukulele. We catch up with the lucky winner.

Cairns Ukulele Festival Winner

1. Who are you and where are you from? Introduce yourself.


My name is Evandro Vedovelli, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Farroupilha, a city in Rio Grande do Sul, a state in the south of Brazil. I'm a musician, and a composer. I play acoustic guitar, ukulele, weissenborn and sing in my band Jacarandá. We are finishing the first CD and it will be launched in august.


2. Why did you enter the competition?


I entered in the competition cause I'm both Maton and Ukulele fan. It's not easy to find ukuleles here in Brazil, we have some to buy, but they don't have good quality. Maton it's impossible to find in Brazil, they do't sell them around here, so the oportunity of the competition was amazing for me, a mix of twothing that i really enjoy, ukulele, and Maton.


3. How did you find out about the competition?


I found it first in the Maton's facebook page. So I checked the Cairns Ukulele Festival's page and I decided to give a try.


4. Do you travel with your ukulele often?


Yes! that's something that I really love about ukuleles, it's so easy to take them around. They are like travelling buddies. They are small and light and they fit everywhere. I love taking my uke with me to trails. We have some amazing places around here, so I take my uke to the top of mountains, where I can relax and enjoy the sun. and I take my uke to some waterfalls, where I can sit, relax, play, and write new musics. So, there's something about the sound of the uke that really fits perfectly with nature, that's why I love taking it with me anywhere I go.


5. What do you know about Maton?


Maton is more than just I brand, it's a piece of art. I have a Maton EBG808CL that I bought while I was travelling to Europe, and it is my little baby, I just simple love this guitar, and well, I was planning to buy one for lots of time, and I checked all the maton distributors that sell the Maton EBG808CL in the countries I was going to visit in Europe before I travelled. So I bought it and did some busk around the Europe with my Maton. I love how everything that Maton does sounds unique, you can feel that all their instruments are made to get the best of the wood that made the instrument.


6. What do you like about the ukulele in general?


First of all, the sound. There's something in the way the chords sounds on the ukulele that makes me love it. It sounds more "introspective" than a guitar, and I love this. Well, I like the size, so I can take it anywhere I want, like I said before, I can take it to mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and for sure, cities too.


7. Anything about your music you'd like to share? Any recordings with ukulele?


Well, I'll launch my first CD in august, so you can check the facebook page of my band Jacarandá: and you can see the youtube channel, we'll release a videoclip very soon, there's somethings there on the channel to check too  I'll do a video playing the cairns ukulele festival's ukulele when it arrives and I'll put it in the Youtube to you guys.

Evandro Vedovelli

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