Mark Jackson

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Mark Jackson and the The Ukastle Ukestra

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson is a ukulele teacher and performer based in Newcastle NSW.
He has been teaching / arranging / directing ukestras in the Lower Hunter region since late 2009, and has an expanding business in schools and the community. He styles himself as a 'community musician' as his primary aim is to assist others to play music together. The Ukastle Ukestra (his flagship ukulele performing group) one of 7 groups he runs each week, performs regularly at festivals around Newcastle with between 20-30 people regularly performing in this ensemble. In February last year they played at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, winning the coveted 'Golden Ukulele'. We are delighted to have Mark on board as his energy and enthusiasm for the ukulele and for community music is a shining example of the spirit behind the current popularity of the ukulele and further proof that the ukulele is here to stay.

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