The Lone Pine Guitar

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An Instrument of peace to honour nation's fallen.

The Lone Pine Guitar

A number of years ago, Andy Allan was lucky enough to get his hands on some timber from the Lone Pine. The guitar he created in honour of the nations fallen has hung on the wall of his workshop for the last four years.  Now for the first time Andy tells the story of how the guitar came about and his passion for the Anzac spirit and respect for the soldiers that gave their lives for the nation.



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Comments Total: 2

Comment Posted by Debbie Thomas

July 13, 2013

Saw the interview with Andrew O’Keefe on Sunrise this morning.  The way that the staff put their heart and soul into every guitar made.  Then the best part was the making of this most amazing and beautiful guitar.  Brought tears to my eyes.  To show respect to our fallen soldiers in this way is so breath taking.  Don’t play the guitar or even musical, but would love to just have this on display in my house.  Thank you so much.

Comment Posted by Brian Ryan

June 25, 2013

Thanks for respecting the men and women that have selflessly fought and died for us!!  Your passion for the instrument is something that is missing from many of your competitors, that is one fine instrument that any passionate Australian guitarist would be proud to own. Keep up the great work!


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