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Maton Repairs

Ruben Becker has been with Maton almost a decade. He started on the factory floor in the Final Assembly area, eventually  rising to the lead position and guiding the team for three years.


He then spent another year and a half in final setup, mastering the intricacies of finishing a guitar so it can realise its full potential.


His skill and passion for the craft where recognised and he was taken on as an apprentice by master craftsmen Chris Ffinch, an industry veteran of over forty years.


He is amongst the most passionate and qualified craftsman in the guitar making world, and a wealth of knowledge in the field of after sales care. His advice and expertise will ensure that your Maton sounds as good in the decades to come as it did the day you bought it.


Maton has long standing working relationships with some of the finest craftsmen and women from around the world who know our guitars as well as we do. Contact us for a recommendation of a Maton Authorised repairer near you.


Ruben regularly patrols the forums of MyMaton, the online community portal, answering questions and advising on all things Maton.


Please note that repairs at the Maton factory are by appointment only.



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