Solid Road Series

Solid Australian Timbers, Solid Australian Tone.

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The new Maton SRS series of guitars is the culmination of years of development and fine tuning by Maton's senior luthiers and production designers.

Maton have improved the neck geometry, bracing patterns and body construction of their acoustic guitars with stunning results and improved production methods have made it possible to produce these all solid timber guitars more effectively than ever before and the playability and tonal benefits are amazing.


The backs and tops of these guitars are able to resonate more freely and have a huge dynamic range.  The scalloped bracing of the ESRS70C provides a superior bass response and a rich midrange. The ramped bracing of the ESRS60C creates a focused, bright tone.

Improved neck/body geometry produces a neck that is a joy to play. Difficult chord shapes and complex single note runs are much easier to execute and increased tonal response improves acoustic projection. A bone nut and saddle ensure maximum tone and sustain.


Both guitars are finished in Maton's tuned Satin pre-catalysed Nitro finish.


These guitars redefine what is possible in a production built guitar.





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