Cassy Paull

I have worked at Maton two and a half Years and loving it. I have worked In the face and back, body prep, miniland and ukuleles and occasionally helping Andy Allen out with the custom shop guitars, only final sand at the moment though.

Cassy Paull

My job entails I was one of the first two people to make ukuleles, which I absolutely love. We get to build the entire uke from start to finish! I also help out in the areas I mentioned before when the guys need a hand. It’s great because it gives my job variety and keeps it interesting.

First Band I saw live was Kisschasey at the Corner Hotel when I was underage. I count Mammal at the Ruby Lounge as my first real gig, just after I turned 18.

My First Guitar was a blue Valancia acoustic nylon six string.

Matons I own include a Ukulele that I made for myself. So excited to learn and play it all the time.

My favorite bands are Trivium, Blink-182, Angela Airwaves, Korn, Finch,HIM, Hawthorne Heights, Parkway Drive, Misfits, In Flames, Killswitch engage. Limp Bizkit, Offspring, Story of the year, Rihanna, Venga Boys, Aqua and many more

I played guitar in the High School Rock Band

Musician I would most like to be. Too many to choose from, but Matt Heavy, Corey Beaulieu, Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus would be up there.

My Favorite Maton is my very own concert Ukulele, but my favorite guitar would have to be the Aussie, the EA80C, I like Blackwood the best.

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