Ian Robinson

Pick Up Artist

Ian Robinson

Who are you?

Ian Robinson Born Melbourne Vic, a long, long time ago....
Learned piano from age 6 passing several exam levels through the London College of Music...
Educated via state school system then
6 years at Burwood Technical School followed by
2 years Electrical Engineering Diploma Course at Caulfield Higher Institute of Technology
Worked as Electrical Operator, High Voltage Transmission and Generation for State Electricity Commission from 1964 to 1974
whilst developing own HiFi retail business.
Moonlighted as service engineer for Claybridge Sound Systems doing night service calls on Melbourne Discotechs, including Catchers, Berties, Sebastions, and Thumping Tum.

1972 to 1978 - Owned Recab Storage Cabinets (Parkdale) manufacturing speaker boxes and speaker systems
(made the first speaker systems purchased by John Barbuto founder of JB HiFi...)

1972 to 1998 ran Retail HiFi business in Hawthorn (- manufactured over 1000prs Link Bookshelf loudspeakers 1976 to 1992)
Developed REDGUM HiFi amplifiers from 1993 to 1995 then established REDGUM Audio Pty Ltd to Manufacture and distribute internationally - eventually exporting  to 26 countries (admittedly, small numbers only)

1998 to 2009 Full time manufacturing REDGUM products from factories in Clarice Road Box Hill
- became involved with Maton Guitars when a problem occurred with their current PCB supplier - eventually supplying most of their PCB requirements.

2009 to now: Maton Guitars!


When did you start making pups?

in the early 1950's my first audio 'project' was listening to Stereo Radio broadcasts via 2 radios, (3LO and 3AR broadcast 1 channel each)
In the early 1960's I made a Fender Stratocaster copy after purchasing a cherrywood body blank from Maton Guitars in a shop front in Canterbury.
First manufactured hi-fi equipment (cabinets) in early 1960's...

What makes the AP5  so special?


Combined experience and feedback (the good kind) of Maton and many other high profile guitarists, combined with my decades of experience in improving audio systems and squeezing the best out of them.

Describe the characteristics of the sound?


Bloody Brilliant!!!!   This preamp has the uncanny ability to allow a guitarist to work in a band, be well heard, but not 'intrude' on other members 'space'.