Luke Heanley-Kneale

I have worked at Maton Six Years, I have worked in the areas of body Prep, body build, assembly, ukuleles.

Luke Heanley-Kneale

My job entails Building Ukuleles from scratch……. Bend the sides, make the faces and backs, prep and fret the fingerboards, shape the necks then put all those pieces together to make a full ukulele.

First Band I saw live was Blink-182 at Rod Laver Arena when I was fifteen, a little embarrassing.My First Guitar was an Aria……. I’ve never seen or heard of one since.Matons I own include an EBG808 Performer.. which has 21st birthday messages all over the back.

I listen to lots of Motown, Beatles, Black Keys, Oasis and John Mayer.

Musician I would most like to be. Some sort of cross between Noel Gallagher, John Mayer and John Butler.

My Favorite Maton is The Performer, always, But the Bunya Ukulele at the moment.

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