Tim Hackett

Tim Has worked at Maton for the last 7 years In the areas of body prep, face and back, multi-cam and body building.

Tim Hackett

My job entails building guitar bodies and quality supervision.


The first band I saw live was The indelible Murtceps.

My first guitar was an F10


Matons I own include the EM225C and a Maton Mini EMD6.

I listen to lots of silence........ I hear plenty of music at work. all genres, simultaneously, all day everyday.


Musician i would most like to be? i would still like to be me but really rich, with lots of groupies who aren't all men my age wanting to know what kind of gear I use.

My favourite maton is a T-Byrd (when I finally get one)


Tim was also instrumentle in the building of the new Australian and Messiah Models, you can read an interview with Chief designer Patrick Evans about the new models here.

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