Maton Guitars

For over sixty five years Maton guitars has been proud to support the artists that support us. Some of the finest players in the world choose Maton and we are dedicated to helping them find their evolving voice through the guitars that we create.

International performers such as John Fogerty from Creedence Clearwater and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and even the late Beatle George Harrison have played a part in spreading the word about Maton guitars.

Firmly established now as Australia's favourite and most successful guitar, Maton is gaining acceptance on the world stage as an instrument of the highest quality. It is following Bill May's vision of making hand crafted guitars at an affordable price that are as good as any in the world. His philosophy still rings true today: "If you make a good guitar, the right guitar, people will want it."

The spirit of Bill May lives on and he would be proud of the results being achieved today.