Maton Guitars

The Maton Custom Shop

Maton’s Custom Shop provides you with the ultimate personal guitar experience. As the customer, you are invited to specify body shape, colour, decorative inlays and be involved in the selection of premium tone woods.

The Maton Custom Shop experience provides you with the opportunity to have a say in the dynamics of the desired sound speaking face-to-face with the craftspeople who will build the guitar for you.

You can be guaranteed that Maton will build a guitar that you can truthfully say is unique, a one-off.

All timbers selected for Custom Shop guitars are hand-picked from Maton’s vast stocks and then thoroughly checked for structural integrity. This ensures that only top-quality materials find their way into a Maton Custom Shop guitar. The timber’s visual appeal and tonal quality also form an important part of the selection process. All the chosen components are then individually ‘voiced’ to ensure they can produce maximum acoustic performance. This is done by ‘tap testing’ and flexing each piece to determine maximum strength and minimum weight, the recipe for great tone. It is a process that requires deep experience and construction knowledge and can only be done by extremely skilled craftsmen.

The Maton Custom Shop Team will create instruments that perfectly satisfy a player's expectations.  The process will take however long is required, A masterpiece cannot be rushed!

Please note the Maton Custom Shop is currently closed while the team is working on a new range of instruments. Scheduled for release in early 2024, all of us at Maton are looking forward to sharing something very special with you soon.