Aly Cook

Aly Cook - New Zealand Country Female Artist of the Year 2012. Aly's debut CD Brand New Day has already spawned two top 20 Australian Country Hits on the Top 30 Country Tracks Chart with Midnight Sun.& Nashville recorded "Country Storm". Brand New Day is Aly's debut full length album. Aly regularly crosses the Tasman – Maton in hand.

Aly Cook

Aly Cook is somewhat of a pioneer in independent music, she used various crowd funding sites to raise US$40,000 to finish & release her album on her newly formed Futures Entertainment Label. Also social media databases and cross marketing techniques, which she now does workshops in both crowd funding & Social Media Marketing to tertiary level students in New Zealand.


Aly has performed in USA, UK and Europe as well as at home in New Zealand, her accolades include having been nominated for APRA New Zealand Country Song of the Year, a finalist in the MLT Songwriting Award, a nominee for 2010 Female Country Artist of the Year the winner of this award in 2012. Aly was a finalist for Next Magazine New Zealand Women of the Year 2011 for her contribution to inspiring other women to follow their goals, along with 24 other amazing Kiwi women. Aly was also a finalist in the international section of the 2012 MusicOZ independent awards in Sydney.
Aly is a regular traveller, on Air New Zealand flights crossing the Tasman. Aly’s new Mini Maton is her new travel companion, allowing her to leave her beautiful 30 year old Maton for the studio work only and travelling so much on her own, the convenience of the Mini Maton is great.


Look out also for Aly with her group The Sou’Westers who are launching there album in Australia.



While ‘Brand New Day’ is Aly Cook’s debut as a solo artist, she is not a newcomer to the music business, and it shows. Every track here displays polish and poise born from experience. She has surrounded herself with only top level personnel. The result is a first rate production in all respects. Aly Cook has treated us to a variety of styles here, from the old-time string band flavored ‘Ruby Jean’ to the mainstream Nashville sounding ‘Country Storm’ to the smouldering torch song ‘Laughing in Silence’. She does credit to each. Indeed, she has been blessed with a rare and powerful instrument in her voice. She deserves, I think, a place among the elite female vocalists, which fact will become more obvious as she expands her body of work. My first exposure to Aly was a live radio broadcast, where she casually sat down with just her Maton guitar and completely blew me away – which is not that easy to do. No gimmicks, no studio magic here. 


Trust me; Aly Cook is indeed the genuine article. The overall tone of the lyrics is refreshingly positive, even spiritual (listen closely to ‘Grow’) without ever being preachy or heavy-handed. The high point of the album for me is the title track, which gives Aly space to stretch out with soaring, thrilling vocals as she delivers a message of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. “Strength of our faith will set us free/like birds on a southern wind/like our hearts have grown wings/to fly away to a brand new day”. It doesn’t get much better than this, friends.

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