Maton Guitars

The Maton FAQ

How can I get an endorsement with Maton Guitars?

You can send links to your work and information about yourself to [email protected]. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of inquiries, we may only be able to respond to successful applicants. Even if you don’t hear from us, THANK YOU! For considering Maton Guitars, without the support of players from around the world we wouldn’t be the company we are today.


What string gauge does my Maton guitar come with?

All Maton Acoustic guitars are strung with Elixir Ultra-thin NANOWEB™ coated strings (.012 to .053).

All Mini Maton guitars are strung with Elixir Ultra-thin NANOWEB™ coated strings (.013 to .056).

The  Maton BB1200JH come with Elixir OPTIWEB (.010-0.046) gauge strings as standard.


Can I purchase a Maton instrument directly from the factory?

No, Maton instruments are only available from authorised Maton dealers, we do not sell directly to the general public.


I have a problem with my new Maton guitar. How can I contact support?

Please send an email with proof of purchase and detailed description of your issue to [email protected].


How can I get my Maton serviced or repaired?

Please vist the repairs page for details of Maton Authorised Repair Centres  in your area.


Is my warranty transferrable?

No, our 12 month manufacturing warranty only applies to the original owner of the guitar. If a guitar is sold via the second hand market the warranty is not transferred to the new owner.


My Instrument looks different from images of the same model online.

All Maton guitars are made by hand from naturally occurring materials. Any perceived differences or "imperfections" are characteristic features of the timber. 


Can I adjust the action of my Maton guitar with the screw on the bridge?

The screws on the bridge are only holding the piezo pickup from the inside of your guitar. They cannot be used to adjust the action. You might damage your guitar if you tighten them too much. In case you really want to adjust the action of your guitar, please contact a professional guitar luthier in your area.


When was my Maton guitar built?

It used to be printed on the label in the soundhole (e.g. 09/11 for Sep 2011) until 2015. We are currently working on an online application to track the serial numbers and background of guitars.


Where can I find information about my Maton guitar?

Try the Maton Museum or join our Facebook group to discuss all things Maton with other players that share our passion.


How much is my Maton guitar worth?

Unfortunately, we can’t assist in the valuation of old guitars, but there are groups on Facebook and other online resources that may be able to offer some assistance.


Where can I get a Maton Guitars strap or other merchandise?

Please visit our web shop at


Can Maton Guitars share my photo or my video?

Please send us a message on Facebook or Instagram and we might be able to feature you on our page. We love seeing where the instruments we create end up so don't be afraid to share!