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Gareth Pearson "The Welsh Tornado"

Gareth Pearson: GEAR

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Welsh guitar phenomenon Gareth Pearson is already considered a virtuoso in the guitar world. He has already developed a distinctive style to his playing that has earned him the greatest accolades from world renowned players and music critics; he has been called a genius by Jan Akkerman, and Tommy Emmanuel was inspired to write a song about him which he named The Welsh Tornado.

In 2008 Gareth got an invitation to play at the Montreal Jazz Festival, ever since then his musical path led him to play for thousands of people all  over the world in countries like UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Ireland, Canada, U.S.A. etc.  

Currently, Gareth is signed to the American based Guitar Label-Candyrat Records. He was the first UK guitar player to be signed by the label. Collaboration with Candyrat records promoted Gareth to "invade" the internet universe: Gareth has gained over 2 million views on Youtube and Facebook.

"I really respect Gareth's abilities. He's a great young man and a great ambassador for the acoustic guitar."

.Tommy Emmanuel     .

"I'm Gareth's number one fan! What a guitarist! His original compositions hit the ears like cool spring water on a hot summer's day. His stage show has everyone up on their feet. Fingerstyle guitar is in good hands for the next generation”.

Stefan Grossman 

"Not only is Gareth one of the most amazing guitarists around, he is a really nice guy and funny as hell!".

Andy McKee 

"My friend Gareth Pearson is a huge talent and in his genre, one of the best young players around. I mean there's many roads that lead to Rome, but this one is definitely a great one. I can see a great future for him".

                                                                Jan Akkerman