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Andrea Valeri was born in Pontedera February 27, 1991: from Australia to New Zealand, from Russia to Canada, from Europe to the African continent, Andrea continues to reap a worldwide success since the age of 16 years.

Andrea Valeri: GEAR

Andrea Valeri plays the following Maton instruments

Defined as the "Prince of the Acoustic guitar", and a new ambassador of acoustic music, Andrea, despite his very young age is now a veteran of many of the biggest stages around the globe.

Andrea began his career at 10 studying classical guitar techniques first, to pass through an electric "phase" after that, and finally leading to the acoustic guitar.

Here he begins to absorb new techniques such as the Thumbstyle, fingerstyle, flatpicking and many others, so to be able to synthesize them all through his skills on the six strings acoustic guitar.

Aged eighteen Andrea was awarded the title of "Italian musical excellence."

At his age He has already released 6 solo albums :  "The Secret of Silence" (2007), "The Trip" (2008), "Maybe" (2010), "Daydream" (2011), "Race Around the World "(2014)," Mediterraneo "(2016), and dozens of other collaborations with some of the most important artists of the guitar and  music world  today.

Andrea has shared the stage, toured the world and recorded with many of the six strings masters including: Michael Fix, Adam Rafferty, François Sciortino, Tony Cox, Tazenda, Van Larkins, Maneli Jamal, John Doan, Goran Kuzminac Daniele Bazzani, Buck Wolters, Andrew Veivers, Nick Charles, Robbie Long, Vincenzo Zitello, Bryan Rason, Thomas Leeb, Marco Baracchino, Mickey Murphy, Alberto Caltanella, Ciosi, Roberto Dalla Vecchia and many more ...

Guitarists who have inspired Andrea define him as a "Star of the guitar world."

His style is constantly evolving and his success is growing day by day: Andrea is currently on a world tour to promote his new album "Mediterraneo", produced by  Vinile Records and published by Myrope editions.

“The shining light of the guitar world” - Michael Fix

“His potential is one of the world’s Best” - Eric Spitzer-Marlyn