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Australian singer/songwriter Archie Roach emerged in the early '90s fusing a folk-inspired sound with traditions from his indigenous heritage. His ARIA-winning debut album, Charcoal Lane, was named one of Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 50 albums of 1992.

Archie Roach: GEAR

Archie Roach plays the following Maton instruments

 It was centred around Roach's heartbreaking "Took the Child Away," a deeply affecting ballad about his experience as one of the "Stolen Generation" of aboriginal children who were taken from their parents and placed in non-indigenous households. The song resonated throughout the country and received a Human Rights Achievement Award, marking the first time that the honour had been bestowed upon a songwriter. Over the coming decades, Roach and his longtime musical and life partner, Ruby Hunter, would establish themselves as leading lights of Australian folk and aboriginal music.