Maton Guitars

The Maton SRS Series

Solid Australian Timbers, Solid Australian Tone.

SRS - The Solid Road Series

Solid Australian Timbers, Solid Australian Tone

Released in June 2011,  The SRS series of guitars marked the beginning of a new era at Maton. A move towards all Solid timbers for everything in the range, a complete overhaul, and a re-imagining of bracing patterns, radius tops, and improved body construction. The culmination of years of development and fine-tuning by Maton's senior luthiers and production designers. 

Some things didn’t change though, the famous dovetail join, usually reserved in guitar building for the most expensive of instruments is used in the construction of all Maton Guitars, and of course, every instrument is handmade in Melbourne Australia.

The Solid Road Series features Tasmanian Blackwood or Queensland maple back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, scalloped bracing, and Queensland Maple neck complemented by a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

After 10 Years on the Maton Solid Road Series Guitars have become a go-to for musicians around the world. You can find them on stage with the likes of The Offspring, Peter Frampton and the Roger Waters band, as well as open mic nights at your favourite local venue

The AP5 Pro Pickup System comes as standard, ensuring you have the very best in acoustic guitar pickup technology at your fingertips