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Kulu Liang is singer-songwriter, music producer and finger-style guitar artist. He went to University in Canada, undertaking studies at the Pacific audio visual institute College. Kulu released his first original music work in 2008.

Kulu: GEAR

Kulu plays the following Maton instruments

 Relying on his unique voice and song writing ability, he has gained recognition from audiences and fans around the globe. Kulu is one of the most popular independent musicians in China. He published two original albums, his first album named "Floral times" and the second one called "I'll be there". He followed this with live album called "At this moment" and the first Chinese EP named "love is ... ". His latest album is “Now it's a brave time" official released in 2014, taking Chinese folk music to a whole new audiance! Since his debut, Kulu Liang has toured constantly, selling out shows all across China. and he has been invited to participate in major Chinese music festivals, who has become the icon of Chinese musician. He has honored to the best folk album, the best song and best singer-songwriter of "China Music Billboard", Amazon. Chinese fans Choice Awards and other awards' affirmation.He has collaborated with renowned musicians from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. These musicians include Sandee Chan (TW), Waa Wei(TW), Denise Ho(HK) , Greeny Wu(TW), chien Yao(TW), Michelle Li. Kulu has collabarated with writer Dingding Zhang, photographers Li Xiaoliang and Jasper James, designer Nie Yongzhen (TW). Kulu describes himself as a simple and honest person, and hopes that he never loses his passion for music.