Maton Guitars

Maton maintains a dedicated repair and warranty workshop headed up by experienced luthier Derek Chan.

Derek Chan
Derek gravitated towards guitars in his teen years when he realised how much easier they were to play in tune as compared to his violin, leading him to build his first electric guitar which he subsequently encrusted with paisley wallpaper (don’t ask – it was the 80s). After hitchhiking through Turkey and earning a philosophy degree he pursued hectic careers in restaurants and human resources, then attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and somehow ended up working at Collings Guitars in Austin, Texas. There he was subjected to higher than WHO recommended levels of bluegrass, country and western swing. The proliferation of offspring meant a return to Australia culminating in his employment at Maton to continue his obsession with six string instruments. He does not like high humidity but enjoys snowboarding.
Andrew Duganzich
Andrew was born in New Zealand and raised in a fish & chip shop, leading to his lifelong distrust of seafood as a viable source of nutrition. A die-hard advocate of Joe Satriani, Andrew has been known to occasionally bust out jazz and country licks to lull unsuspecting listeners into a false sense of security before launching into a faultless rendition of “Flying In A Blue Dream”. Andrew has built high-end classical and electric guitars from his own workshop for over two decades in an ambitious effort to create a 24-hour guitar lifestyle, pausing only to sleep and eat things other than seafood. He does not get along with computers but enjoys fried chicken.
 Derek and Andrew can be found arguing the various merits of Floyd Rose versus Bigsby tremolos and about who gets to programme the CD player, all the while wrangling neck resets and pulling out frets in the Maton Repair Department.

Maton has long standing working relationships with some of the finest craftsmen and women from around the world who know our guitars as well as we do. Contact us for a recommendation of a Maton Authorised repairer near you.

Please note that repairs at the Maton factory are by appointment only.

Repairs: [email protected]