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Andrea Valeri, was born in Pontedera on February 27, 1991. Performing professionally from the tender age of sixteen, he has garnered much success all around the globe.

Andrea Valeri: GEAR

Andrea Valeri plays the following Maton instruments

Now defined as the Prince of fingerstyle guitar, and a new acoustic music Ambassador, Andrea is already a veteran of the many acoustic guitar festivals that take place world-wide, sharing the stage, recording and collaborating with the greatest guitar players the world has to offer.

Andrea started his guitar studies at the age of ten, first studying classical technique then passing through an electric phase and finally at the age of fourteen, the acoustic steel-string guitar. This is when he began to absorb particular techniques like thumbstyle, fingerstyle, flatpicking and more, all synthesising into his present six-string prowess and indeed at his age, his music and playing are still evolving.

By age eighteen Andrea Valeri was recognized by his country and was awarded the ‘Excellence of Italian Music’. Also by age eighteen, Andrea had released Four highly acclaimed albums: The secret of Silence (2007), The Trip (2008) , Maybe (2010 ) and DayDream (2011).

The young musical genius is also renowned for his collaborations with the guitar Virtuosos  Tommy Emmanuel and Michael Fix, Sam Shepherd, Louie Shelton, Stephen Bennett, Nick Charles and many others…  

Andrea has also collaborated with Goran Kuzminac (in ‘Parole Semplici’, one of the most successful songs of Goran’s last CD ‘Dio Suona la Chitarra’) and with IGS Company that helped him to record and publish his first song Rails. All the guitarists who have inspired Andrea , consider him to be one of the “Shining light of the guitar world”. His style is always evolving and his global success is growing day by day; Andrea is currently touring world-wide with his new album DayDream , published by Vinile Records and edited by Myrope musical editions.