Maton Guitars

Made in Australia: My Maton Collection by Wadih Hanna


The first reference book of its type, Made in Australia is a 400 page publication highlighting every vintage and collectible Maton model ever made.

Large format, hard cover, full colour photography, historic notes and design information detailing the unique and versatile instruments to come out of the workshops of this Aussie icon.

Containing numerous rare and custom-made guitars, prototypes, employee guitars and many serial number one examples. Including those like the sensational GA.1 which pre-dates factory ledgers, the first electric, a Big Ben guitar that is the only one ever seen, and an El Toro like nothing else.

The collection covers guitars made from 1946 to the present era including the first guitar to roll off the Box Hill production line, plus comprehensive sections on amplifiers, the Fyrbyrd, the MS500 and the Holy Grail of Maton guitars - the Starline.

It is a must have for collectors, those who own a Maton, or for anyone interested in vintage guitars period.


“…solid reference for collectors and dream book for players…you can’t ask for much better than this.” Vintage Guitar Magazine

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