Maton Guitars

The Vera May

In Celebration of Vera May’s 100th year.
The matriarch of Maton Guitars and the wife of founder Bill May, Vera May turns 100. To celebrate, Maton is set to release one of the most beautiful guitars we have ever produced.

The Vera May

The Vera May includes a number of firsts for Maton. The headstock is an elegant rethink of our W.A May headstock, which in itself is a 21st century interpretation of the headstock that appeared on the very first Maton Bill May built in 1946. An elegant gloss finished streaky ebony veneer with a Mother of Pearl logo contrasts beautifully with a figured blackwood headstock veneer.

The 808 sized body is bound with ebony and inner pinstripe bindings. The rosette has been carefully designed to match also featuring ebony and pinstripe rings.
The soundboard of the Vera May is made from Lutz Spruce, a naturally occurring hybrid of Sitka Spruce and White Spruce (a close relative of Engelman Spruce). As often occurs with natural hybrids Lutz has a certain amount of “hybrid vigour” combining the best elements of both trees. TThe result is a soundboard with the stiffness of Sitka but with a little less density. This results in a greater balance of subtle overtones which is a delightful combination in a smaller bodied guitar like the Vera May.

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