Maton Guitars

Bad Boy Pick Ups

A truly versatile Humbucker. After countless hours of research & development, the Badboy was born. A passive, splittable Humbucker with NO volume drop between single-coil (split) and Humbucker (full) sound.

Description:  A pickup that is very articulate & responsive for a wide variety of styles from Heavy Metal, Rock, Blues, Country & Jazz.  Unlike other high-output Humbuckers these pickups were designed to respond extremely well to effects & guitar volume settings.  They go from single coil spank to Humbucker crunch & singing sustain effortlessly.  These pickups were developed primarily for the professional touring guitarist & session musician who needs to coax a wide range of quality sounds out of the one instrument.

Now available to the players everywhere.  So you too can  have a guitar that goes from sweet & clean to raw & mean effortlessly.

Options:  Available in Nickel, Gold, & black covers.

MBN-1 (neck) 17K OHMS

MBB-1 (bridge) 17K OHMS

*Sold individually or in matched sets.